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Rast Musicology Journal (RAST)

Print ISSN:2147-7361 eISSN:2147-7531 Doi:10.12975

Aims and scope

Rast Musicology Journal (RAST) is an international refereed journal which draws its contributions from a wide community of researchers. The focus is firmly on research, and the journal provides an international forum for cross-cultural investigations and discussions relating to all areas of musicology. Beside RAST is a multidisciplinary, refereed journal devoted to issues and practices in the music research. It is written by and for professionals in musicians, music educators, social scientists, medicine, literature, law, history,  public health workers, ethnography, culture, philosophy, sociology and psychology. The journal is concerned with the dissemination of ideas relating to practical and theoretical developments in the field.

The aims of RAST are:
  • To publish original, well-designed, peer-reviewed research on issues in Musicology.
  • To underline the importance of evidence-based research in changing  practices.
  • To present a forum for discussing current issues in music research.
  • While research on all types of music researches is encouraged, one special research interest of this journal is in the analysis of the Turkish music including turkic world, eastern and islamic civilization music.
  • To provide review articles on topics of major importance in systematic perspective of musicology.

musicology, music, musiki, turkish music, eastern and islamic civilization music, makam, maqam music, ottoman music, turkic, eastern and islamic civilization music, bağlama, tanbur, saz, classical, kemençe, davul, zurna, vokal studies,

Peer Review Policy: All research articles in this journal have undergone rigorous peer review, based on initial editor screening and anonymized refereeing by at least two anonymous referees.

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