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Rast Musicology Journal (RAST)

Print ISSN:2147-7361 eISSN:2147-7531 Doi:10.12975

ethics checklist

ethics checklist

Before you submit, make sure:

  • You’ve read the journal’s instructions for authors, and checked and followed any instructions regarding data sets, ethics approval, or statements.
  • All authors have been named on the paper, and the online submission form.
  • All material has been referenced in the text clearly and thoroughly.
  • Data has been carefully checked and any supplemental data required by the journal included.
  • Any relevant interests have been declared to the journal.
  • You’ve obtained (written) permission to reuse any figures, tables, and data sets.
  • You’ve only submitted the paper to one journal at a time.
  • You’ve notified all the co-authors that the paper has been submitted.
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